Ontario Kindergarten -

but make it fun again.

You are more than your job.

A Playful Purpose is all about helping you re-ignite your love for early learning by removing the stresses of planning engaging lessons, offering you candid and compassionate support, and teaching you to embrace a strong work-life balance with boundaries you feel good about. By implementing simple systems, reliable routines and not re-inventing the wheel, you can leave work at the bell and leave your prep to prep time. 

Sound too good to be true? 

I thought so too. But after years feeling burnt out and on the brink of stress leave, I finally realized that teaching didn't have to be like this.

You are an incredible teacher and you don't have to do it all on your own.

Now that you are here, I'll show you the way. I'm so glad you found me!


The end of an era approaches

A Playful Purpose: Learning for Littles Inc. is closing it's doors on July 25th, 2024

Hi, I'm Mariah and I am a kindergarten specialist turned curriculum writer and mom of 3 under 2.5

I started my career in the OCDSB passionate and obsessed with early learning. Fast forward a few years and I was fighting burnout and losing steam FAST. I was spending way too much time scrolling socials for ideas and feeling frustrated by how long it was taking me to find the resources I needed. I was desperate to find lessons my class would actually enjoy and for a plan that reassured me we were covering everything we needed to cover between daily evacuations, constant interruptions and of course, PLAY!  

I KNEW I should be working less hours and could feel my personal life (or lack there of) taking the back seat again and again. I felt like I was losing myself and my passion for teaching kindergarten. I knew I needed to streamline my planning and stop reinventing the wheel. Over the next few years I perfected workshop style teaching and completely turned my experience in the classroom around.

My mission is to show teachers that they can do less and love teaching more - and no, you don't need a "unicorn class".

Your weekends are calling.

The Sunday Scaries are a thing of your past. It's time to start strutting into work on Monday mornings rested, recharged and ready to take control of your week. Save your energy and your patience for where it matters most and embrace done-for-you planning. You've earned.