Kindergarten specialist turned curriculum writer. Mom, wannabe baker and lover of early 2000s Disney Channel (hello, Lizzie McGuire and HSM). Enthusiast of ponytails, pancakes and helping Canadian kindergarten teachers stress less by simplifying their planning and re-igniting their love of play-based learning. Here to help you take back your weekends and love teaching on week days.​

If you are:

🌈 A kindergarten educator

🌈 Spending too much time planning

🌈 Feeling a little (or a lot) burnt out

🌈 Ready to feel excited about teaching again

And you're looking for:

🌈 French and English play-based resources

🌈 Simple but engaging activities and ideas

🌈 Support and real connection

🌈 Systems and routines that really work

Then you're in the right place!

A Playful Purpose is all about helping YOU re-ignite your love for early learning by removing the stress of searching for resources and planning for play-based learning. By implementing simple systems, reliable routines and not re-inventing the wheel, you can leave work at the bell and leave your prep to prep time. Sound too good to be true? I thought so too. But after years feeling burnt out and on the brink of stress leave, I finally realized that teaching didn't have to be like this. Now that you're here, I'll show you the way.

Did you know that burnout and working all weekend don't go hand in hand with teaching? Because I didn't. I saw all the beautiful classrooms on socials and participated in the teacher culture of extended work hours - I thought that was just the way it was. On top of the regular work, I took AQ and ABQ courses so I could become a Kinder Specialist and teach in French. I led dance club (which I loved after 10 years teaching dance as a teen), was the kinder lead and joined planning committees. And I'm sure you can guess what happened... I got burnt out to the point I was about to be put on stress leave. It was then that I realized that my job was a big part of my life, but it wasn't my whole life.
By spending all my time thinking about school, I was missing out on the other parts of myself. The parts that like to do yoga, socialize with friends, play games, go for walks- you know, the parts that make me a human and not just a teacher. I was also missing out on dating and falling in love because I was so wrapped up in the everyday stresses.
So, I stopped. I stopped doing all the extras and started prepping during my prep time. I left work at work (for the most part). And do you know what happened? I started feeling better. I fell in love. I had a baby. I turned my hobby into a business.
Do you know what else happened? I realized my life didn't need to be all about teaching in order for my students to have an awesome education. They still learned. They still had fun. I was still a great teacher.
This is what I want for you and I'm so excited you found me because I am going to change your life.
My flagship program is here to help you take back your weekends. It's a kinder educator's best kept secret: monthly plans delivered right to your inbox (goodbye looking for passwords). Want two weeks of free plans to see what Kinder Planned ✔️ is all about? Hit the button below.
Finding play-based resources that are actually engaging and simple to prep is hard - especially in French #amIright. That's actually why I started my business! I asked my community to describe APP resources and they said they are: fun, engaging, easy to implement and effective.
We love a theme. Themes get a bad rap in kinder (I have a podcast episode on this) but the truth is, themes that follow student interest are an awesome intro to inquiry. I put together printables and learning ideas based on favourite kinder themes like dinosaurs, space and baking to do all the planning for you!
I love to PLAY so here's a cutie "get to know me" game! You'll find 8 fun facts about me in the pics below and I'll leave it to you to decide if they are messy, or magic!

My favourite colour is pink- always has been, always will be. For a while a wore only pink party dresses- even to school.

I met my husband on a dating app, started dating long distance and got married 3 days short of one year later!

I LOVE a charcuterie board and pride myself on a quality spread. I even make them for our camping trips!

In June 2021 I gave birth to our first baby and it was a 30-hour labour and I ate Subway in the tub.

I love Disney and have visited
Disney World 5 times as an adult with my mom on a fun girls getaway!

Even in my grumpiest of moods I can be cheered right up with fresh flowers.

Sports are not my jam but because I am 6 foot tall I am constantly being asked if I play volleyball #Idonot

My business name changed 3 times before I landed on A Playful Purpose and it felt “coming home”.

Monthly math, literacy, STEM, art, sensory, fine and gross motor and more....all planned for you #GoWildcats

Or, send me an email at mariah@aplayfulpurpose.com

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