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A Playful Purpose courses are filled with easy to implement information that will transform your relationship with play! Short, engaging videos and handy printables ensure you have all the tools and tips you need. Work at your own pace and complete the courses in a matter of hours or take your time over a few weeks (or months!). 

Do what works for you.

Messy play is truly magic and now you can learn the what, why and how of sensory play!

Sensory play can be overwhelming but you’ll be a messy play loving sensory enthusiast in no time with this course.

This course is NOT about creating picture perfect sensory bins like you might see on instagram. It’s about empowering you to embrace the mess with simple set-ups that EVERYONE helps clean up… not just you. 

✨  Course Duration: Can be taken at your own pace. There are 3 modules with sub-lessons and about 2 hours of video content.

Intended Audience: Early years parents and educators


👉 Module One: Behind the Bin
– Why Sensory Play?
– Shopping Mindset (Spend LESS)
– Cleaning
– Managing Mess

👉 Module Two: Sensory 101
– Colouring Water
– Rainbow Rice
– Bin Basics
– Food vs. Non-Food Fillers

👉 Module Three: Play Time
– Changing it up (when to change your bin)
– Engaging in sensory play
– Other ways to play (non bin sensory)
– Finding Inspiration

💻 PLUS you get more than 20$ worth of resources for your kindergarten class

This course came highly requested within the APP Community. It’s no secret that I LOVE small world play- in fact, it was my absolute favourite kind of play when I was growing up. Making this course was a blast and I packed it with as much information as possible so that you leave feeling inspired and excited about including more small world into your classroom, or home!

Join me to learn all about the wonderful world of small world play! How can miniatures create such big learning? Join this course to find out!

☀️ Course Duration: Can be taken at your own pace. Includes 6 Modules and about 1 hour of video content.

☀️ Intended Audience: Early years parents and educators


👉 Module One: The What, Why and How of Small World Play

  1. 1. What Small World Play is
  2. Why Small World is so beneficial
  3. Exactly how to set up small world invitations

👉 Module Two: Building Your Collection

  1. How to build your small world collection
  2. How to develop a shopping mindset that encourages shopping from home first
  3. Where to find small world supplies

👉 Module Three: DIY Small World

  1. Playscapes
  2. Felt Characters
  3. Peg People
  4. Clay Creations
  5. Paper Creations

👉 Module Four: Co-Creating Small World

  1. Adult led co-creation
  2. Student led co-creation

👉  Module Five: Sensory & Small World

Learn how to include:

  • Sand
  • Water
  • Rice / Beans
  • Other

👉 Module Six: Storytelling & Small World

  1. Re-tells
  2. Sequels

📝 PLUS a document filled with simple but fun small world set-up ideas!

The PD you've been waiting for is here.

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