Spending 40+ hours on report cards every term?

Streamline your report cards with the ultimate automation tool that saves you hours without sacrificing personalization.

It's not that you don't care about accurate and personalized report card comments.

But you have 20, 30, 40 students to write for.

Your Google Doc is never ending and that list of names that you are crossing off as you go just never seems to get any shorter.

You give up 3 weekends in a row writing your comments and part of you wonders if they even get read at all. It's beyond frustrating and it never gets any easier - even when you pull up your comment bank. The comments are fine, but they don't work with what you actually taught in class and you are still doing so much personalizing, updating and cross-referencing.

The ONE PD day you are giving to "write your reports" is a joke. You need 6 to even make a dent in your pile.

You are more than your job.

Picture this. It's Friday night and you are sitting on your couch, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and watching your favourite show.

It was a PD day today and you finished inputting all your report comments into the online system. They are ready to be sent home and you have the entire weekend ahead of you to relax, rest and just recharge.

Sound too good to be true? It's totally possible.

You are an incredible teacher with a brand new tool in your toolbox.

You can't teach your students to self-regulate when you aren't self-regulating. Speeding up your report card writing takes the stress of countless overtime hours off your plate frees you up to be a more present and patient educator... and a less stressed human.

Your report card writing will never be the same.



The Ultimate Tool to Automate your Report Cards

Here's what's waiting for you inside:


Speed up and streamline your reporting with a user friendly and fully customizable spreadsheet on Excel or Google Sheets™ and eliminate report card scrambling.


Step by step PD tutorial on how to effectively use the Assessment Buddy.

PD that is going to SAVE you time not give you more to do.

Comment Banks are helpful - but the Assessment Buddy is incredible.


Instant access to the Assessment Buddy as an Excel and Google Slides™ file + pre-recorded training!



Instant Access

Hi, I'm Mariah and I was ready to slam the door and never look back on my FDK class.

Fighting burnout and losing steam FAST. I spent way 40-60 hours every term writing fully personalized report card comments for my students.

I KNEW I should be working less hours and could feel my personal life (or lack there of) taking the back seat again and again. I felt like I was losing myself and my passion for teaching kindergarten. I knew I needed to stop putting everything into my job and sacrificing my weekends for my 9-3.

Comment banks served their purpose, but there was still too much energy going into copy, pasting and tweaking each comment to fit what I had actually taught. I knew there was a way to automate, and now I'm sharing it with you.

There's a lot only you can do.

Taking your kids to hockey practice. Spending the night watching Is It Cake. Going for brunch with your mom. Sweating it out at hot yoga. These are the things that make you, you. And no one else can do them for you.

Spending hours and hours re-writing the same comments for your students? Not on the list anymore.

It's time to take your weekends back - even in report card season.

The Assessment Buddy is perfect for you if:

-> You teach K-6 students

-> You want to stop spending 40+ hours on reports

-> You want to streamline and automate

-> You understand the importance of accurate and personalized assessment

-> You have access to Google Sheets™ or Microsoft Excel

Have a question about The Assessment Buddy?

How do I personalize the Assessment Buddy?

All you need to do to customize this tool is write your student names across the top, and your reporting criteria down the side. Change up the criteria or duplicate the file for the different strands and terms!

How do I use the Assessment Buddy?

After your criteria and student names are filled in, simply go through each student and mark an "x" if they demonstrate that specific criteria. The Assessment Buddy will automatically create a student summary that includes all the skills they demonstrate plus combine the information into a paragraph.

What format is it?

You can use the Assessment Buddy directly in Google Sheets or download and open it using Microsoft Excel.

What if I need help using it?

New tools always have an adjustment period and I am here to help! Included in your delivery email is a training on how to use the Assessment Buddy and the team is only an email away to support you will you master this new system.

Is this a recurring payment?

No! This is a one time payment. Simply reset your Assessment Buddy and use it term after term - regardless of what grade you switch to.

Your weekends are calling.

See ya later "I can't this weekend I am writing report cards" and drinking a year's supply of coffee on your PD Day trying to get it all done. Your NEW normal is here.