Using Systems and Routines to Decrease Burnout

Tired of feeling burnt out, stressed, and like you never have enough time? You’re not alone. I was at an all time low until I started using systems and routines to decrease burnout.

In fact, I was at peak overwhelm when I finally decided to do actually something about it. In this episode, I am talking to you about my strategies for staying on top of things amid the never ending hustle of teaching, working and… just being a human. Implementing these systems and routines helped me feel like I can handle things 10x more smoothly without putting myself through a never-ending stress loop and I want you to be able to implement systems and routines to decrease burnout too.

Learning how to manage your time, energy and capacity to become more productive isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s equally as hard to learn to let go of things that we think matter… but don’t so that we can put our energy into the things that do matter. 

It’s hard. But it’s well worth the effort. With life constantly moving faster than ever before, you don’t want to be left behind, or feel like you’re constantly treading water.

Here are a few tips that I found turned it around for me, that might help you too:

  • Above all, find what works for you and what doesn’t. Be super honest with yourself and ignore what others are doing- we are all different.
  • Start making lists of things (groceries, meal planning, trips to dollarama), so you’re more conscious about your spending activity.
  • Schedule a day in the week to do specific tasks.
  • Lump together similar tasks to get ahead- this is called batching and it’s a game changer.
  • Split your time between activities consciously. Don’t get sucked in!
  • Practice planning and batching. Over time it will feel more and more natural!

How do these tips help?

  • Saves you time and memory.
  • Reduces the start and end time between activities.
  • Aids in self-regulation and satisfaction.
  • Causes you productivity gains.

Listen in as I talk about how I have been using systems and routines to decrease burnout, and then let me know which tips seem the most “doable” to you. Connect with me on IG or send me an email at mariah@aplayfulpurpose.com

And before you go, 

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