Building Relationships in Kindergarten: First Day Tips

Start your year by building strong connections. Building strong relationships starts on day one of kindergarten and will be the foundation for the entire year.

Have you ever wondered what a typical day in a kindergarten classroom really looks like? It’s a question that pops up time and time again, and for a good reason. The first day of school is a monumental moment for both students and parents. As an educator, you want to make it memorable and set the tone for a year of growth and learning, as well as focus on building relationships in kindergarten. So, let’s dive into the specifics and break down what happens in a kindergarten classroom on that all-important first day.

Initial Hello: Setting the Stage

The first step in building relationships in kindergarten with your students and their parents starts right at the door. The initial hello sets the tone for the entire school year. Here’s what you should aim to do to focus on building relationships in kindergarten:

  • Warm Welcomes- the First Step in Building Relationships in Kindergarten: Smile! Even if there are a few tears involved, your genuine smile can work wonders. Make eye contact with parents, and most importantly, get down to your students’ eye level. It’s all about making a personal connection from the very start.
  • Personal Greetings: Greet each student individually and express your excitement about having them in your class. It’s these little moments that can make a big difference.

Circle Time: Where Magic Begins in Building Relationships

Circle time is a magical part of the day, especially on the first day of school. It’s your opportunity to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and focus on building relationships in kindergarten:

  • Sing and Play: Start with simple songs that say hello to each student. Play interactive games like “stand up, sit down” to learn about preferences.
  • Introduction to the Classroom: Use this time to introduce students to different areas of the classroom and explain the flow of the day. Reading a story can be a great way to engage everyone.

Second Hello: The Power of One-on-One

Building relationships in kindergarten means finding moments to connect one-on-one with each student:

  • Personal Moments: Find a moment alone with each student during the day. It can be during playtime, lunch, or even while waiting in line. Reiterate your name, ask them how they’re feeling, and show them your calm and kind demeanor.
the "cant-skip" step to set yourself up for a successful year: Building relationships

Outdoor Learning: Nature’s Classroom

The great outdoors provides a fantastic setting for learning:

  • Circulate and Chat: Spend time circulating among your students, engaging in conversation. Look out for anyone who might be feeling uncertain and invite them to join in activities like chalk drawing or sliding.

Play Time: Creating Comfort

In the early days, it’s all about creating comfort in the classroom:

  • Simplicity Rules: Keep play areas minimalistic. Focus on developing a sense of comfort, understanding routines, and setting expectations. Cleaning up is a crucial lesson, so take your time to show them where everything goes.

Table Tops: Learning the Ropes

What you introduce on the table tops is less important than how you introduce it:

  • Clear Instructions: During circle time, explain how to play at each center and where the supplies belong afterward. Keep it simple with activities like coloring, building with blocks, solving puzzles, or using whiteboards.

Dismissal: Wrapping Up the Day

Dismissal can be overwhelming, so make it as smooth as possible:

  • Double-Check Lists: Ensure you have accurate dismissal lists. Reduce chaos by staggering departures and allowing some students to get ready inside the classroom. Bid everyone a personal goodbye, expressing your excitement for the next day.

In Conclusion: Trust Yourself

As you embark on this journey, remember that you’ve got this. Trust yourself, follow the cues of your kindergarteners, and savor every moment of this first week of school. Building relationships in kindergarten is an ongoing process, and it starts with a strong foundation on the very first day.

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