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Meet your 2022 Camp Kinder Counsellors! This group of passionate educators from across Canada has something for everyone. Here’s the list from A to Z! The core workshops are available at any time inside the campground. Keep reading to learn more about the presenters and their sessions.

Amanda (she/her)


RECE, Creator of Creative Kindergarten

Amanda is a Registered Early Childhood Educator that has worked in a kindergarten classroom for 6 years and as a facilitator for 2 years. She believes strongly in engaging in reflective practice and continuous learning about education in the early years. Amanda has shared her experiences on her blog, social media and podcast.

Workshop: Kindergarten Classroom Environment and Set-Up​

How a kindergarten classroom is set up can be integral to creating a sense of well-being and belonging for your students. It can also determine if they can successfully gain confidence and independence throughout the school year. Whether you are a veteran or a first-time kindergarten educator, classroom setup can be a stressful task! However, Amanda will provide you with ideas, reflections and solutions to make you feel confident that you are setting up a space that is responsive to the needs of all your students.

Amy (she/her)


CEO Of 123 Petits Pas Inc., OCT

Amy Warr, or "Madame Amy" as her participants call her, is the owner of 123 Petits Pas Inc. where she teaches French through fun and engaging classes to parents and 0-7 year olds. Her style of teaching is through music, movement, and, most importantly, FUN! With two French children's music albums, over 4 years of entrepreneurship and online educating, and two young bilingual children of her own, Madame Amy is here to provide tips and tricks on making French education as fun and as easy as possible!

Workshop: Teaching French through movement, music & fun!​

Come join “Madame Amy” of 123 Petits Pas in this entertaining workshop on how to make your French instruction as engaging as possible! All are welcome- whether you’re a French educator, or someone who wishes to be able to run a simple French circle time, this workshop is for anyone with an interest in teaching French through fun. Participants of this workshop will leave with many ideas for how to implement music, movement, and laughter into their classroom’s daily routines. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity for some free French downloads! Note: All the activities, songs, and tools will be in French, however, the workshop will be led in English in order to allow even beginner French learners to introduce some French to their students.

Andrea (she/her)


OCT, Kindergarten Specialist, Spec. Ed. Part 1 & 2

Andrea Girt is a Grade 1/2 teacher, and Kindergarten specialist, originally from Hamilton, Ontario. She now lives and teaches in Lac Seul First Nation with her husband and two rescue dogs. She has a degree in Equity Studies with a focus on non-oppressive education. Andrea is passionate about play, self-regulation, and emergent curriculum. She loves learning from her students, their families, and the land.

Workshop: Culturally Relevant Kindergarten: A Non-Indigenous Teacher in a First Nations Perspective​

Have you ever heard the term 'culturally relevant pedagogy' thrown around in teacher circles and felt overwhelmed with where to begin? As modern educators, we have an obligation to honour and celebrate all of our students with their diverse learning needs, life experiences, and cultural identities. Join Andrea as she discusses some ways she has implemented culturally responsive practices, in partnership with community members, as a non-Indigenous teacher living and teaching in a First Nation. In this workshop, you will gain practical ideas and activities that you can use in your own classroom, regardless of what grade or where you teach, to ensure your students' cultural identities are routinely and meaningfully represented within their classrooms.

Breyen (she/her)


CEO of Oui Madame Wee: Diversity and Inclusion in Primary

Breyen spent 12 years teaching Kindergarten and also has two children of her own. Yes, there are a lot of little people in her life! She started her company, Oui Madame Wee, as a creative outlet while battling severe postpartum depression on her second maternity leave. Coming from a culturally diverse family Breyen has always been passionate about diversity and inclusion and has found a way to bring that energy to Kindergarten classrooms in an age-appropriate and informative way. Think fun, inclusive songs and stories mixed in with curriculum connections and meaningful relationships with families *chefs kiss. Breyen is here to support you as you create an inclusive early childhood classroom environment.

Workshop: Teaching Diversity and Inclusion in Kindergarten

Our students have always been diverse, but this diversity hasn’t always been celebrated. In this workshop, we’ll talk all about the importance of teaching about diversity with our youngest students. Breyen will help you overcome potential roadblocks and leave you feeling confident and prepared to create the inclusive classroom environment your students need. You’ll get age-appropriate lesson ideas that parents and administration will love, and that will help your students see their differences as beautiful!

Courtney (she/her)


(she/her) ACT Elementary Specialist, CEO L•M•enno•Play

Courtney has spent the past 10 years in the classroom focusing on Childhood Development and Early Literacy. Most recently, she founded L•M•enno•Play, a Sensory Play company that aims to educate parents on the benefits of sensory play and provide a wide range of sensory experiences for children. Most importantly, she wants to show parents and caregivers how to foster skills in their children all while enjoying a cup of hot coffee! She is passionate about teaching ‘unconventionally’ and centering learning around intentional play. Her ‘happy place’ is on the beach with her husband and 3 little ones with an extra large iced coffee in hand.

Workshop: The Ins and Outs of Sensory Play

Do you love the idea of sensory play learning in your classroom but have no idea where to start? Courtney provides the foundation of ‘why’ sensory play works for students, with additional tricks for routines, organization and simple ideas you can implement in your classroom tomorrow! The session ideas can be easily adapted to benefit all students regardless of their age or ability - all teachers welcome! Be ready to get messy!

Hailey (she/her)


OCT, PGDE (Post-Graduate Diploma in Education), Kindergarten Specialist, Reading Specialist

Hailey is a passionate educator with experience teaching both in Ontario and abroad. She became enthralled with the early years at the beginning of her career and continues to learn and grow as an educator each year. Outdoor learning has become one of her greatest interests. The strengths of learning outdoors continue to shine with each group of learners!

Workshop: Unlocking the Secrets of Outdoor Learning

Learning outdoors is the breath of fresh air that we need for our students (and ourselves). Join Hailey as she teaches you the seemingly secret tips and tricks that will help you build the outdoor learning program of your dreams in Kindergarten and beyond. A simple set up can reap incredible rewards and she'll show you how with her favourite outdoor learning ideas. Here's the first secret: All you really need is to dress for the weather and to go for it!

Jessica (she/her)


OCT, Masters of Education in Second Language Teaching, Parfait en première année

After ten years of teaching, Jessica has taught everything from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Her specialty is in English language learner inclusion in the French immersion program. The past five years, her main teaching assignment has been Grade 1 Early French immersion in Ottawa, ON. Jessica loves watching terrible reality TV and taking her dog on long hikes in the forest. Over the past few years, she has completely changed her literacy program to implement evidence-based practice based on the Science of Reading. Jessica is super pumped to share all her successes and failures while teaching reading with all of you!

Workshop: The Magic of Orthographic Mapping

Have you been hearing all about the Science of Reading and orthographic mapping, but it seems overwhelming and you just don’t know where to start? Then this is the workshop for you! Jessica will not only go through the ‘why’ and ‘what’, but will focus on the ‘how’ by giving concrete tips and techniques that you can implement in your classroom immediately. Most of the examples will be using French words, but the concepts can be used regardless of language. By the end of this workshop, you will feel ready to put orthographic mapping to work in your own classroom!

Jill (she/her)


CEO Planning in PJs

Jill is a kindergarten teacher (10+ years) turned stay-at-a-home mom/small business owner. With Planning in PJs (her business) she creates hands-on math resources in English and French. During her spare time, she loves to read (YA dystopian novels & romance), binge tv shows on Netflix, and spend time with her family. What she misses most about teaching is the relationships built with students. Jill believes learning should be FUN and is here to help you do just that with math!

Workshop: Making Math FUN: Using Games to Motivate Learning

Play helps little learners experiment, understand concepts, and explore ideas. Join Jill to learn how to use your students’ motivation to play as the foundation of their learning in math! This session will provide you with many ideas and strategies to use throughout the school year to engage your students in math. She will give you game ideas for hands-on learning that are easy to implement and can be used for many skills and concepts!

Kait (she/her)


OCT, Creator of Born To EduKait

Kait (the face behind Born to EduKait) is a Grade 2 teacher who has been teaching for 6 years in the public school system. In 2019 she learned the benefits of routines and systems as she juggled a new job, a new marriage, obtaining her Masters in Education and lots of life's curveballs. With a love and passion for self-care and putting yourself first in a very demanding and consuming career, Kait is excited to share her tips, tricks and life hacks to tackle your day. Currently, on a leave from her position in the school system, Kait knows firsthand what can happen when you don't make yourself a priority and put systems in place to benefit you, your family and your students. She enjoys spending her free time doing puzzles, reading, doing embroidery projects or creating spa-like baths to get her through the week. Though her favourite thing to do is cuddling her ADORABLE miniature poodles Zeus and Zenn. 

Workshop: Finding Balance: Routine Management & Systems for Self-Care​

Is teaching taking over your personal life and making you feel overwhelmed instead of overly passionate? My workshop will focus on routines and systems that can help you take back your personal life outside of teaching and provide you with tips and tricks to feel more organized, productive and manage your time wiser. As a teacher who got burnout and had to take a mental health leave of absence, learn from me to take control of your day-to-day routines and learn the foundation of self-care beyond baths and face masks.

Karen (she/her)


OCT, Creator of Learning Black is Ma Jack

Karen (the nice version) has been teaching for 22 years in both Kindergarten and Grade One classrooms. She works for the Peel Board of Education in Ontario and she is passionate about anti-racist education.

Workshop: Anti-Racist Education in Kindergarten​

Are you interested in creating an inclusive and culturally diverse classroom environment in your Kindergarten classroom? Join Karen on a journey to “empower the colour brown,” in your Kindergarten program. This workshop will include a tour of her “BIPOC,” or inclusive classroom. You will learn about a wide variety of children’s literature that is appropriate for young learners. In addition, you will also be provided with simple activities to extend the learning in these books. Finally you will leave this workshop with examples of art supplies and materials that can be used to get you started in creating your inclusive classroom the first week of school!

Kat (she/her)


OCT, Creator of Je Me Demande

Kat Kerns is an elementary school teacher in Northern Ontario with over 18 years’ experience in the classroom. Kat has a love and passion for the outdoors and is constantly striving to take the learning outside as much as possible, no matter the grade or subject. She is also a mother to 2 boys, Keegan 5 & Aeryn 8, who love to explore outside with their mom.

Workshop: Take the Learning Outside: Meeting Curriculum Expectations​

Are you looking to take the learning outside more often, but do not know where to start or how to connect it to your curriculum? Join Kat as she provides you with a starting point for planning and organizing your curriculum expectations with outdoor learning experiences. Together you will explore how to shift your thinking to planning outdoor lessons and will come away with ideas to support student learning outdoors.

Kate (she/her)


OCT, Autism & Behavioural Science, Special Education Specialist

Kate is the teacher author behind Spec EduKate. She is a Special Education teacher in Ontario, who works in an Autism Community Classroom. Kate has also worked in the ABA/IBI field and is trained in Behaviour Therapy. When she’s not working, you can find her re-decorating, Cricuting, sipping a Tim Hortons Steeped Tea and enjoying that new mom life! Kate’s passion lies within behaviour and helping educators figure out ‘the why’ behind behaviours. She’s here to put your mind at ease by providing tips and tricks to deal with challenging behaviours in the Kindergarten classroom!

Workshop: Ready or Not, Here They Come: Spec Ed in Kinder​

Do you have students with behavioural needs or social challenges, or are completely unsure and don’t know where to start? Join Kate as she helps you navigate Special Education in your classroom. Together you’ll dive into the functions of behaviour, how to manage those behaviours and effectively use reinforcement, as well as some helpful parent communication tips. Kate will provide you with examples of some systems that work and strategies to use to create an inclusive Kinder classroom. She will have you feeling prepared and ready to take on any challenging behaviours in your classroom!

Katie (she/her)


OCT, Kindergarten Specialist

Katie is a passionate kindergarten educator, holding Kindergarten Specialist Qualifications. She serves as the Virtual Assistant for A Playful Purpose, thankful for the opportunity to learn along side the APP team. Katie's report card comments are included in her board's sample comments for the Kindergarten Communication of Learning. Katie lives and teaches in Guelph, Ontario and still has a baby tooth.

Workshop: Meaningful Documenting and Reporting​

This workshop will guide you through using Google KeepTM as a tool for meaningful documentation. Katie will show you how she uses Google KeepTM to track learning throughout the year, share learning with families and use to write strong, individualized comments for report cards. This workshop will help you feel more confident in gathering assessment data, saving you time at the end of the term.

Krista (she/her)


Kinder specialist , chronic illness/disability patient advocate

Krista is a kindergarten educator and takes pride in making her classroom a safe and inclusive environment for all her students and their abilities. This is important for Krista as she has been living with a chronic illness since the age of 9 and since becoming an educator she’s had life altering surgery that left her with an invisible disability. She’s had to navigate life with her illness while going to school, and working towards her career as an educator. When she’s not teaching in the classroom, she is a passionate patient advocate. She raises awareness and breaks the stigma behind chronic illness and invisible disabilities by sharing her story to educate the public on how these things can affect a patient's life either that be as a child or an adult.

Workshop: Understanding the Effects of Chronic Illness and Disability on our Students​

Do you thrive to have an inclusive environment in your classroom for all students? Sometimes it can be overwhelming knowing where to start to best support and advocate for students with more complex needs. Join Krista in understanding how the effects of chronic illnesses and disabilities can impact our students' learning. She will share some of her own experience as a student with a chronic illness, what accommodations we as educators can make for these students, and tips on ways to make your classroom a safe environment for all.

Laura (she/her)


OCT, Kindergarten Specialist, Book Reviewer

Laura is a Kindergarten Specialist from Ontario, Canada, and has been teaching French Immersion Kindergarten for over 10 years. She is a mother of two young daughters, a creator of French and English resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, and a children's picture book reviewer. Laura has presented at several online teaching workshops, including the edudcators2educators New Year Reboot and the Bilingual Educators Virtual Summit. She is passionate about inclusion, thrifting, being outside and reading, and will 100% lecture you if she finds out you don't have a library card.

Workshop: Representation Matters: Exceptional Picture Books with Disabled Characters​

Take a look at your classroom bookshelf. Does it contain books with multicultural characters? Awesome! Does it boast books with empowering messages on feminism? Amazing! Does it represent differently-abled bodies? If yes, that’s fantastic. If not, this workshop can help. Laura will share five of her favourite Kindergarten-appropriate picture books that talk about and celebrate differently-abled individuals. These books are engaging, informative, and most importantly, inclusive. Oh, and they’ve been tested on real kids - her Kindergarten students and her own children - so they are guaranteed winners.

Mariah (she/her)


Kindergarten Specialist, CEO A Playful Purpose: Learning for Littles

Kindergarten specialist turned curriculum writer and educator support system, Mariah is a new mom, wannabe baker and lover of early 2000s Disney Channel (hello, Lizzie McGuire and HSM). Mariah is an enthusiast of ponytails, pancakes and helping Canadian kindergarten teachers stress less by simplifying their planning and re-igniting their love of play-based learning. She’s here to help you take back your weekends and love teaching on weekdays with simple systems, reliable routines and engaging activities. Rainbows are her jam, but helping educators is her calling.

Workshop: Weekly Workshops: Consistency to Support your Littles & Yourself​

Simplicity is the key to avoiding burnout and creating a sustainable work-life balance. Join me to learn about how to plan, execute and rely on weekly workshops so that your littles feel excited and comfortable knowing what to expect each day and so that you can plan more efficient and engaging lessons. We will talk about writing, math, STEM, art and fine/gross motor in this workshop and have you feeling EXCITED to jump back into planning for your kinders.​

Meera (she/her)


Creator of MontessoriMeera

Meera is the face behind Montessorimeera, an Instagram account that shares fun, simple, and affordable Montessori-inspired activities. Meera also documents her journey through a Montessori inspired world. Through this journey, she has learnt many wonderful tips and tricks that have allowed her to be creative with the resources at her disposal. She uses her platform to share strategies that have worked for her to help foster independence and curiosity with her daughter. Meera loves to bake during her free time (what’s that again?), event planning (birthday parties, dinners, you name it), and watching anime or K-dramas (a definite guilty pleasure).

Workshop: Let's Get Creative with our Resources!

Have you ever looked online or on social media and thought "wow, that toy collection is beautiful, I need those toys for my child"? If yes, then this workshop is for you! Join Meera, as she shares how you can work with simple items around your home to create your own beautiful, but affordable toy collection. She will share easy to follow tips and tricks that will help you to use your resources in a creative way.

Natalie (she/her)


OCT & Creator of The Lakeside Teacher

Natalie is an experienced Grade 1 French Immersion teacher and the creator of primary French resources. She is not only passionate about teaching her students to read, write, and speak in French but she is also passionate about working as a team. At work, you will find her hustling on her prep/planning periods or collaborating with her colleagues! In her spare time, you will find her eating chips, reading suspenseful thrillers, or watching a binge worthy series. She’s here to provide you with tips that will help you work smarter, not harder!

Workshop: Collaboration and Team Based Planning

Do you often feel like you can't keep up? Do you wish you could share the workload with your teaching partners? This session will teach you how to initiate planning as a team, how to have a harmonious working-relationship (even when you have different teaching styles), and how to navigate difficult conversations with your colleagues. Natalie will provide you with concrete examples and her top tips to help you plan effectively and efficiently as a team.

Rebecca (she/her)


Kindergarten Teacher & Inquiry Mindset Co-Author

Rebecca Bushby (Bathurst-Hunt) is a Kindergarten teacher and the co-author or Inquiry Mindset. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia with her husband and cat. Rebecca is passionate about play-based inquiry experiences that build on curiosity and wonder. She LOVES teaching Kindergarten!

Workshop: Documenting Inquiry with your Littles​

Join Rebecca, co-author of the book Inquiry Mindset, in exploring how to capture, celebrate, and document your inquiry journey with your littles. Involving your littles in reflecting on their learning allows them to better understand what they are learning, how they are learning it, how their thinking has changed, and where their learning is going next. This session will support and inspire you to involve your learners in your documentation process. We will be exploring how to: co-create bulletin board class murals that show and demonstrate understanding, involve your learners in helping create a learning wall that captures your inquiry process, and create class learning showcase exhibits or museums that capture and celebrate learning, growth and wonder. You will leave this session with lots of practical ideas of how to start, where to go next, and of course how to involve your littles!

Sarah (she/her)


Mom, Teacher, CEO of Little Birds At Play

Sarah Bird is a wife, mom of two and teacher from Camrose, AB. She began Little Birds At Play in February 2021 after being inspired by her own little birds to create themed playdough and sensory kits for kids. Sarah has always had a love for crafting, baking and creating which lends perfectly in her kit making by finding fun and interesting loose parts and making amazing playdough and sensory fillers.

Workshop: Let’s put the PLAY in Playdough!​

Are you ready to spice up your literacy and numeracy lessons or centers? Take the time to watch and listen to Sarah from Little Birds At Play present how to use playdough and loose parts to expand your students’ learning. She will provide real classroom and home examples of uses for playdough in promoting your students’ creativity, imagination, fine motor and academic skills. Be ready for many take aways and ideas ready to use from the start of the school and beyond. Who’s ready to add the PLAY in Playdough?! See you soon!

Sarah (she/her)


CEO Fun in French Immersion, OCT

Sarah is the creator of Fun in French Immersion. With a background in Kindergarten and a love of technology, she has created countless tech-based resources to help kinder and primary teachers embrace technology in a fun and engaging way. She has transitioned from classroom teacher, to virtual teacher, and now to maternity leave as a new mom to her baby girl. She is fueled by coffee (lot’s of coffee), and her virtual teaching experience offers a unique perspective with regards to seamlessly incorporating technology into your teaching practice.

Workshop: Embracing Technology in Kindergarten​

Join Sarah in learning why incorporating technology is important for our youngest learners, and how we can overcome barriers to implementing this technology. She will walk you through a self-reflection of your teaching practice, available technology, learning environment, and day plans to help you incorporate technology in a way that best suits you and your students. By the end of this workshop, you will not only be excited, but more CONFIDENT to start using more technology in your kindergarten classroom. As a bonus, you’ll be leaving with 10 tech ideas you can start using right away!

Sarah (she/her)


OCT & Creator Loose Parts of Kinder

Sarah is a Kindergarten Teacher in Ontario and the teacher behind Loose Parts of Kinder. Sarah has been a teacher for 10 years, teaching Kindergarten to Grade 8. She loves sharing all the "loose parts" that it takes to facilitate a play-based program. Making the transition to the early years came at the requirement of getting a job (that's just how it is in Ontario!) and with much surprise a love for a play-based, student centred learning in Kindergarten. Her and her university sweetheart are the proud parents to one curious, fun loving four year old and they recently moved into a dream home with an even dreamer backyard. When they are not outside, they are working on a house project, or being crafty! Sarah looks forward to a fun weekend at Camp Kinder!

Workshop: Setting the Stage for implementing a Structured Literacy language program rooted in the Science of Reading

Science of Reading has become a popular buzzword on social media and has been gaining momentum - but is it really worth all the buzz? Join Sarah to learn more about Scarborough Reading Rope, phonological sound work, and how a simple routine-based program can support your play-based learners in becoming strong, independent readers. She will provide planning resources, share how to plan for your program, and teach you how to refresh your space, materials, and mindset, to inspire Primary aged readers.

Sophia (she/her)


Kindergarten Specialist, Creator of Creative Kids Co

With 15+ years of experience working with children, Sophia believes in making every setting a fun place for learning! Sophia is passionate about creating opportunities for arts integration, play based learning, and creating a safe space where everyone feels welcome. As a previous camp counsellor, Sophia is so excited to be here at Camp Kinder! Let's be camp friends!

Workshop: Arts & Crafts in Kinder​

Feeling uninspired? Tired of questionable crafts? Looking for new creative projects? This workshop is for you! In this workshop we’ll explore the kid tried and kid tested art materials that every primary class needs. We’ll look at easy ways to include art into your daily schedule. And some simple projects that allow students to get creative and explore their imagination! Can’t wait to see you there!

Vanessa (she/her)


Kindergarten Teacher & Creator of Today in Kindergarten

Vanessa Steunenberg is a Kindergarten teacher from Langley, British Columbia. Vanessa has been teaching for just over ten years and has taught from Kindergarten to Grade 4. Vanessa was an art minor in university and her love for creative work influences every aspect of her teaching! Vanessa is also passionate about gardening and nature, and that has paired well with her exploration of the Reggio Emilia approach.

Workshop: Make Your Own Felted Story Mats

Come and learn how to create your own felted story mat! Vanessa will take you through the process, step-by-step and demonstrate how to make a beautiful felted story mat of your own. These mats are a great backdrop for things like Story Workshop and other opened-ended play activities! A list of materials and tools will be provided so you can try the wet felting adventure on your own! Prepare to get addicted to felting and all of its charm!


In addition to the amazing core workshops, every month a new workshop will be added to the campground. They have been thoughtfully selected and scheduled to keep you inspired and fresh all year long. Once their featured month has passed, they will be added to the library for you to watch at any time.


Tamara (she/her)


Nutritionist and Chef

Tamara is a fun and food loving dietician & chef located in Ottawa, On. Her passions lies in helping women find food freedom through gentle nutrition and a balanced-ish diet. She helps women break down the science, and incorporate small changes into their lifestyles, in a way that feels good and is sustainable.

Workshop: Lunchbox Nutrition

Teaching requires thinking and planning, and oftentimes, planning for extra things like lunch just doesn’t come easy. It’s not your area of expertise and it can be a stressful part of your week. You’re fully capable of making your own food, but it would make your life sooo much easier if you had a bunch of ideas of what to make for lunch that will *actually* keep you full and energized throughout your busy day. That’s what I’m here to help you with. After this workshop you will walk away with 5 new lunchbox ideas that you can easily customize to your preference. We will do a brief overview of what to include in general, for a balanced, satisfying & delicious lunch to give you the energy to get you through your day!


Fabiana (she/her)


OCT, Spec. Ed specialist, ELL part 1&2, Kinder part 1, Indigenous Studies part 1, Autism Post Grad Diploma

Hi! I’m Fab from Special Ed Advantage and have been working in the public school system as a Special Educator for almost 6 years. I have worked with all ages, including students from Kindergarten to Grade 2 and beyond. I have a passion for inclusion and believe that there is a place for everyone in my class.

Workshop: Not So Scary Assessment: How to incorporate authentic assessment into your classroom

Do you struggle with keeping your assessment up to date and authentic? Always feel like you don’t have enough assessment to back up your grades/comments? Let me help you reduce the overwhelm and teach you to have FUN with your assessment!


Dani (she/her)


OCT, French Specialist, Owner Namaste in School

Danielle Diestl is an award-winning primary teacher and a children's author who is dedicated to helping teachers and parents seamlessly integrate social-emotional learning into their K-3 programs. Danielle believes that our single greatest investment is in relationship-building. As such, she advocates for teachers and administration to adopt a whole-child teaching approach so that we prioritize curiosity, community, compassion & character within our curriculum. She began building her business at the onset of the pandemic as a coping mechanism and continues to passionately support others through her Instagram platform @namasteinschools with creative, practical ways to foster well-being at home and within the classroom.

Workshop: Practical Ways to Bring your Primary Classroom from Manic to Mindful

Are you overwhelmed with cooties, conflict and chaos? It doesn’t always have to be this way (minus the cooties). In this workshop, we will unpack what mindfulness looks like in the K-2 classroom. We’ll explore how ongoing, intentional practice can support everything from academic success to engagement, morale and classroom management. You will receive free, fun resources and practical activity suggestions that will enrich your programs, deepen your connections and spark some excitement for the upcoming school year.


Hanna (she/they)


My Literacy Space - Literacy Tutor & Consultant

Hanna Stroud is a Literacy Tutor & Consultant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Hanna has operated a tutoring and consulting company called My Literacy Space since 2008 and is an engaging and passionate presenter with a unique way of interacting with their audience. They provide one-on-one tutoring sessions with a focus on structured literacy. Along with being a national Trainer for Reading with TLC, Hanna provides workshops and webinars for school boards, homeschool groups, and online presentations to support collaborations with educational companies. Using a multisensory approach to engage and motivate, invite exploration and explicitly teach skills, Hanna specializes in partnering children's picture books with coordinating activities to encourage language and literacy goals with children in PreK to Grade 6. Hanna has helped thousands of educators learn to include play-based learning activities in day-to-day interactions in order to help students experience an increase in confidence, curiosity, and foundational knowledge of language and literacy skills.

Workshop: 5 Benefits of Wordless Picture Books

Wordless picture books are the most versatile yet misunderstood and underutilized genre in kid lit. The illustrations move the storyline forward and make the books accessible to any child in any language. Join me in learning about the top 5 benefits of incorporating wordless picture books in your classroom. We will explore multiple ways to support language and literacy skills for children using an exceptional style of picture books.


Jess (she/her)

M.Ed, R.S.W, C.C.C. Clinical Manager at LifeWorks

M.Ed, R.S.W, C.C.C. Clinical Manager at LifeWorks

Jessica Shewbridge is a Registered Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. Previous to her work as a therapist, Jessica spent over ten years working with children with physical, behavioural and developmental disabilities and ensuing complications. Her passion is building resiliency to avoid burnout.

Workshop: Mental Health Matters: Causes of burnout and how to avoid it

Does it make sense to brush our teeth for four hours every Sunday? Or is it something we should be doing twice daily? Our mental health is no different. This presentation will discuss common factors that lead to burnout but more importantly, how to avoid it all together.


Krista (she/her)


OCT, Spec Ed Specialist

Krista is an OCT teacher in Northern Ontario. She’s been teaching for 15+ years and is currently teaching in a self contained kindergarten autism class. She has taught nearly every grade from k-6 and is the acting “teacher in charge” for her school. Krista truly believes that building relationships with students is key to student and teacher success.

Workshop: Building Relationships: The Key to Student Success

The goal for this workshop is to give campers practical strategies for building relationships with their students. The workshop will focus on finding ways to connect with students throughout the school day and will include a section on building relationships with autistic students. When students feel connected, they succeed. When students succeed, teachers do too.


Cindy (she/her)


OCT, Owner The Sped Zone

Cindy is a full-time Autism teacher and Author of The Sped Zone from Toronto, Ontario. She has been a Special Education Teacher for over 10 years and is passionate about adapted learning and building inclusive teaching practices into all classrooms. A lover of all things fashion and colorful, she also owns and operates her own brand of teacher swag! When she’s not in teacher mode, Cindy enjoys traveling and exploring the outdoors with her hubby and two furbabies.

Workshop: Building Blocks to Independence in the Non-Verbal Classroom

New to Special Education or the Autism Classroom and feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? In this workshop, Cindy will walk you through the process of setting up a thriving classroom to support the learning needs of your non-verbal students in the Special education classroom. Topics covered include: Visuals to Support Daily Routines, Independent Work Systems & Independent Work Tasks, Exploring AAC and Building Opportunities for Functional Communication


Taryn (she/her)


French Immersion Teacher and Creator of A Series of Wonder, OCT

Here’s the fun part! She’s a Grade Two French Immersion Teacher and believes that students should love to come to school ready to co-create and experience learning in positive ways. She’s been a Primary French Immersion Teacher in Ontario for the past 8 years and loves to co-plan and mentor teachers in her hallway. She brings the wonder back into your day without having to do it alone. With a Masters Degree in Education and a love for writing, planning and organizing, she has reworked the curriculum to work across subjects in the French Immersion Classroom and wants you to experience it for yourself. You'll find her trying new recipes, outside for a walk with her pup while listening to one of her fave podcasts, or drinking coffee with a good book by the water.

Workshop: Project Based Planning and Executing Curriculum Series

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for new and inspiring ways to teach your curriculum and you’ve been thinking about how you can add more continuity to your lessons and units. If you have no idea where to start or what to do first, you’ll want to be here for this. Your students will be excited to get to school knowing what projects they are working on because of your purposeful planning behind their learning and every step of their learning journey has already been considered, written down, saved and adjusted so there are fewer single lessons and, instead, engaging cross-curricular projects in the works! Teaching with Series makes that easy! It all starts with a confident and happy teacher, who is eager to learn alongside me, how to create Project Series. Using the curriculum as our guide, we will create target lessons that turn into projects that are best for your students and for you because learning is more than a one time lesson.


Lia (she/her)


OCT, Kinder 1 and 2, Creator FDK Learn and Play

Lia is passionate about early literacy, making math fun and accessible, and creating engaging opportunities for play and learning. She is heading into her 13th year of teaching, and has been in kindergarten specifically since 2012. In the summer of 2022, she completed her Kindergarten Specialist qualifications – a long time goal! She is a mom to 2 amazing little kids, and when she's not creating teaching resources under the name FDK Learn and Play, or teacher-gramming as @fdk_learnandplay, you will find her cheering them on at their different sports and activities! Lia loves connecting with other educators, and is so excited to have this opportunity to do so with Camp Kinder!

Workshop: Maximizing Loose Parts: Why, How, When and What to Use

In this workshop you will learn all about loose parts – including why we use loose parts, how to use loose parts in all curriculum areas, and what to use to ensure you are maximizing loose parts in your teaching practice. We will also discuss how to source, accumulate, store and display loose parts in your classroom. You will see practical, doable, real life examples of effective loose parts practice to help you in your own classroom or learning space – as well as some tried and true tips for helping kids learn how to manage and use loose parts in their own play and learning!


Lauren (she/her)


CEO Parfaitement Bilingue

Lauren helps teachers streamline their systems and routines so that they can better support their different learners and make the most of their time. She is a French Immersion teacher and the founder of Parfaitement bilingue where she provides resources, workshops and online programs designed to help French teachers save time and meet the varied needs of their students. She lives with her two young (bilingual, of course!) sons and husband in BC.

Workshop: The Intentional Ten Process: How spending ten minutes now can save you 1 hour or more each week.

In this workshop you'll learn about a few surprising time wasters and how to avoid them and why systems are the most effective way to support your different learners and make the most of your time. We'll go through a simple set by step system to save you time and energy each week. You'll walk away feeling prepared, organized and inspired for your next day at school!


Nicole & Sydney (she/her)


Kinder Teachers, Creators of Kind.Kindies

Nicole and Sydney are teachers from Kelowna, BC. They met in University in 2014 and have worked together throughout the years in different capacities but have found their homes co-teaching Kindergarten together. They are a classic case of how opposites attract - one likes exclusively iced coffee, comes from a psychology background, and is very much Type A; the other enjoys black coffee, studied fine arts, and flies by the seat of her pants. Together, they make the perfect duo! When they’re not working, you can find them winery hopping around the Okanagan Valley, hanging with Sydney’s toddler Sunday, and working on their Instagram account, Kind_Kindies.

Workshop: Building Community Through Collaboration

Have you ever been having a bad day, felt isolated or alone, and the only person to turn to was a 6 year old? We sure have! Fortunately, this all changed when we jumped into the world of team teaching. Our workshop will take you through the who, what, when, where, why, and how of team teaching, and is meant for both new and experienced teachers looking to add collaboration into their practice and classroom. We’re excited to share our journey with you and hope this workshop inspires you to consider adding an educator bestie into your life!