If you’re anything like me, you likely feel like you have it together when your life and surroundings are nicely organized. But when it comes to playing and learning for our littles, tolerating a little mess goes a long way in helping them grow. I know, I know. Less mess stress seems borderline impossible. But […]

Teaching Kinder Science Without A Science Degree?

So… you want to teach kinder science without a science degree? Our littles are naturally curious and constantly developing new insights and ideas as they explore and investigate their surroundings. When we’re teaching science to your kinders, this is exactly what we need to capitalize on! Science lessons aren’t as complicated or intimidating as we […]

Over-Planning Your Kindergarten Lessons – NO MORE!

Real Talk. How long does it take for you to plan your kindergarten lessons? How do you make sure your planning is textbook perfect so that your littles are always actively learning something as they engage in play? How much time are you spending over-planning your kindergarten lessons? Fun fact… I don’t. My systems and […]

Using Systems and Routines to Decrease Burnout

Tired of feeling burnt out, stressed, and like you never have enough time? You’re not alone. I was at an all time low until I started using systems and routines to decrease burnout. In fact, I was at peak overwhelm when I finally decided to do actually something about it. In this episode, I am […]

Our Dreamy Disney Vacation! News about our WDW plans

Our routine everyday lives often call for a fantasy-world escape… where all we have to do is immerse ourselves into the magic, the fun…. the dreamy stuff. I’m talking live in the moment style stuff. I’m talking Dreamy Disney Vacation stuff. For my mother and me, escaping to Disney World has always been our thing. […]

PD for educators by educators is ending boring PD

“I’d rather file this mountain of papers than sit through another boring PD session” Ouch.  Are you also fed up with sitting through a long, boring, soul-sucking PD that comes with nothing but useless Powerpoint presentations? Are you looking for PD for educators by educators? Are you missing that spark, that love of teaching? I hear […]

Your Kindergarten Writing Program Matters

Your kindergarten writing program is crucial for creating a love of literacy and developing foundational literacy skills in the early years. But.. on a scale of 10, how challenging do you find it to encourage and motivate your kinders to just grab-that-pencil-and-write? If it’s any less than a 10, this is for you. “But Mariah, […]

Overcome Imposter Syndrome (Without Fighting It)

Let’s be super-honest: At a certain point in our careers, we’ve all felt Imposter Syndrome cloud our path with so much ease that we feel all our achievements so far and any feelings of confidence have been the outcome of someone else’s charity. That we are failing and we don’t know enough to take up […]