Our Dreamy Disney Vacation! News about our WDW plans

Our routine everyday lives often call for a fantasy-world escape… where all we have to do is immerse ourselves into the magic, the fun…. the dreamy stuff. I’m talking live in the moment style stuff. I’m talking Dreamy Disney Vacation stuff.

For my mother and me, escaping to Disney World has always been our thing. We’ve been there twice, just us two, and many other times with our family, but weighing the travel conditions (and expenses), we realized it wouldn’t be realistic to visit there again without a new element or reason. 

But there it is now – the reason – with Andrew turning 16-months old soon!

The thought of revisiting Disney World conjures up all different kinds of images; the last time I’d been there was with my friend’s family and kid. Then, I dreamed about finding the right partner for myself, building a family, having a kid, and all. Now that my dreams have slowly materialized, it feels surreal to revisit the place – with my husband, child, and families!

I wanted to take you along with me on the journey (virtually) and share my joy and plans for the trip in this episode. Starting with how the thought of the trip came to me, the succession of events that helped finalize it, and the preparations I’m making for it, I’ll chat with you about it all today. If you’re a Disney lover like me, you’ll have fun tuning in.

Picking up the little signs that told me it was the right time for an entertaining vacation (Do these resonate with you?):

>> The five-bedroom villa (for a big family trip) being available.

>> I got a Florida heart sticker (from the set I ordered as prizes for Camp Kinder), which, in the middle, has a Minnie Mouse image, a palm tree, ice creams, Dolphin, and orange: everything that was drawing me towards Florida. The voice inside of me said I could’ve gotten any sticker, but I got Florida. Maybe it was a sign?

>> In one of my Live Sessions, as we were writing down our goals and dreams for the next quarter, I wrote about going for a vacation, a Disney vacation. I’m not sure why, but it felt right at that time. Sign, I say!

I’m excited beyond words about Camp Kinder this, and this trip just adds to my excitement about things coming up for me!

Are you also planning to a dreamy Disney vacation any time soon? I’d love to hear from you about it.

PS. Also, if you have any tips about caring for a little one during long trips, I’d appreciate it!!

Before you leave, 

Camp Kinder registration is opening on May 1 – make sure you’re on the crew list. The prices increase after May 3 at midnight; so make sure to grab your spot at the lowest possible price! – Click here to grab your camp pass

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