Goodbye Sunday Scaries!

Check planning off your to-do list with 2 weeks of FREE kindergarten plans!

✔️ Used in more than 200 classrooms across Canada
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Your whole group lessons are ready for you. Download for instant access to:


➡️ 2 Writer’s Workshop Lessons + Printables

➡️ 2 Math Lessons + Printables

➡️ 2 Science Lessons + Printables

➡️ Fine Motor Lesson + Printables

➡️ Gross Motor Lesson + Printables

➡️ 2 Art Lessons with step-by-step instructions


All that’s left to do is print and TEACH! Your students are going to love these activities and you are going to love that they are completely done for you.


Oh hey! I'm Mariah.

Kindergarten specialist turned curriculum writer passionated about pancakes, ponytails and helping educators prevent burnout by simplifying their planning! A few years ago, I was ready to quit teaching mid year because I was so overwhelmed and stressed. Then, I realized I didn’t need to waste my time reinventing the wheel and prepping for hours on end to be a “good teacher”.

Simplicity is the key.

Ready for a breezy two weeks?

Your two weeks of planning are on the other side of this button! Weekly writing, math, science, motor skills and art done for you. Your time is valuable and there’s lots of things only you can do… planning doesn’t need to be one of them.