For the kindergarten teacher who used to love teaching and wants to feel that spark again

What if you could stop lesson planning and feel completely CONFIDENT walking in the door to your classroom 20 minutes before the bell?

It's not that you aren't a dedicated and passionate teacher - you are.

But teaching kindergarten isn't what it used to be.

Gone are the days of 16 student class sizes, nap time, regulated students and parents who bring cookies to share once a week.

You can barely get your students to sit still for a lesson, your teaching partner's absence never gets filled, your report cards take you 4 weekends to write and you are getting more and more burnt out by the week.

Teaching kindergarten right now is extremely hard.

You need engaging lesson plans your students will actually participate in, a rock solid routine to manage their behaviour and to stay organized so that you have time to hit everything you need to hit - while still leaving as much time as possible for play.

You know what you need but you are exhausted. Tired of putting out fires all week and saying, "sorry sweetie, mommy can't play right now" all weekend. Your chest tightens on your drive to work and sometimes, if you're being honest, you just want out.

You are more than your job.

Picture this. It's Sunday night and you are sitting on your couch, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and watching your favourite show.

Your lunch is packed and you know exactly what's in store for you this week at school work. You have spent the weekend with your loved ones and you feel rested and even a little excited to greet your students in the morning.

Sound too good to be true? It's totally possible.

You are an incredible teacher - it's time to stop doing it all on your own.

You can't teach your students to self-regulate when you aren't self-regulating. Taking lesson planning off your plate frees you up to be a more present and patient educator... and a less stressed human.

You deserve a routine that simplifies your life and your students deserve the consistency they need to thrive.



Lesson plans and printables loved by 500+ teachers across Canada

Here's what's waiting for you inside:

Weekly lesson plans

Detailed instructions and student work pages for writing, math, STEM, fine / gross motor and art plus extra learning ideas, outdoor education lessons & centres.

No more getting to school 2 hours before the bell to prep.


Speed up and streamline your reporting with a user friendly and fully customizable spreadsheet on Excel or Google Slides™ and eliminate report card scrambling.

Goodbye Sunday Scaries wondering what you're going to do in the morning.


Step by step PD on how to use Kinder Planned to streamline your routine, create consistency to curb behaviours and effectively use the Assessment Buddy.

PD that is going to SAVE you time not give you more to do

Instant access to both French & English plans, right to your inbox!

Hi, I'm Mariah and I was ready to slam the door and never look back on my FDK class.

Fighting burnout and losing steam FAST. I spent way too much time scrolling socials for ideas and feeling frustrated by how long it took me to find the resources I needed. I was desperate to find lessons my class would actually enjoy and for a plan that reassured me we were covering everything we needed to cover between daily evacuations, constant interruptions and of course, PLAY!  

I KNEW I should be working less hours and could feel my personal life (or lack there of) taking the back seat again and again. I felt like I was losing myself and my passion for teaching kindergarten. I knew I needed to streamline my planning and stop reinventing the wheel. Over the next few years I perfected workshop style teaching and Kinder Planned was born.


Instantly access all 10 months of lesson plans, printables and the Assessment Buddy! Each month of plans is 65+ pages of tried and true kindergarten lesson plans - and yes, they come in French too.

One-Time Payment



One time fee
Final update coming in July 2024

Inside Kinder Planned you get:

-> 2 Training Videos (94$ Value)

-> Evaluation Bundle (69$ Value)

-> Editable Teacher Planner (23$ Value)

TVDSB, London

Before Kinder Planned Jennifer faced the common challenge of feeling like she was never covering enough in her classroom. Balancing literacy, math, and other subjects left her feeling stretched thin, and she found it challenging to cater to each student's needs effectively.

By utilizing the Workshop Style Teaching approach and Kinder Planned resources, she now has a completely different experience. "Using Kinder Planned and Workshop Style teaching has allowed us to cover everything during optimal learning time," she said. "It means the children can do their best work in all areas."

The Power of Versatility: One of the aspects Jennifer loves most about Kinder Planned is "how versatile and flexible these plans are," she shared. "There is something for every single student in these plans. It respects all learning styles and needs."

Time is precious for educators, and Jennifer experienced firsthand how Kinder Planned transformed her planning routine. "It's shortened! I work less!" Jennifer exclaimed. By starting with Kinder Planned and adding what she needs, she saves valuable time that prevents her from feeling burnt out. Kinder Planned not only impacted Jennifer's teaching but also improved her work-life balance. With ready-made plans and resources at her fingertips, she found more time to enjoy life outside the classroom, creating a positive impact on her overall well-being.

Join Jennifer and Hundreds of Educators in Embracing Kinder Planned!

Jennifer R's success story is just one of the many transformations experienced by passionate educators across Canada. With Kinder Planned, you can unlock your true potential as an educator and create a thriving classroom environment that inspires both you and your students.

There's a lot only you can do.

Taking your kids to hockey practice. Spending the night watching Is It Cake. Going for brunch with your mom. Sweating it out at hot yoga. These are the things that make you, you. And no one else can do them for you.

Planning on the other hand? Not on the list anymore.

It's time to start enjoying teaching again.

Kinder Planned is perfect for you if:

-> You teach kindergarten in English or French

-> You want to leave work at the bell and stop working weekends

-> You want a consistent, reliable routine

-> You want to feel confident in your program

-> You want a balance of play, hands on learning and printed pages to consolidate learning

Have a question about Kinder Planned?

I teach the English and the French to my class. Can I use these?

Yes! There are two versions of each monthly learning package and you get access to both languages when you sign up. The instructions will always be in English, but you have your choice of French or English student pages.

How much prep time do the lessons take?

Almost NONE! You will need a few minutes to make photocopies and to gather any needed supplies. All the lessons will use easy to find, or easy to substitute classroom materials. 

When do I get the plans?

After you sign up, you will get an instant email with your Kinder Planned Hub - a PDF document with all the links you need to access your program materials. No logins. No passwords.

Can I share the plans with my teaching partner?

I am no stranger to the 50:50 model and know that working with your teaching partner is so key to preventing burnout! You can absolutely share these plans with your direct teaching team- meaning, they teach the same students at the same time as you. If you have two classes and alternate teaching them, your teaching partner will need their own set!

Is this a recurring payment?

If you select the one-time lump sum payment, you will not be charged again! You can use your plans year after year and we will email you any updates to the program. If you select the monthly payment plan, you will be charged a total of 10 times for your program and then your lifetime access continues. Due to the immediate access and digital nature of the product, you cannot cancel your monthly payments.

Exactly what am I getting in my plans?
  • A monthly calendar with your daily whole group instruction mapped out for you
  • Lesson plans and printables for your daily whole group lesson + independent work time using workshop style teaching
  • Monday: Writing
  • Two versions of writing pages weekly so you can easily scaffold depending on student level
  • Tuesday: Math
  • Topic include number sense, addition, subtraction, measurement, symmetry, shapes and solids, ten frames, number lines, graphing, sorting and patterning
  • Wednesday: STEM
  • Plans include science experiments / demos, science investigations, STEM challenges and digital escape rooms
  • Thursday: Fine / Gross Motor
  • Alternate focusing on GM with activities like yoga, scavenger hunts and active games (to be played inside or out) and using FM bins to work the small muscles. All printables included and minimal other supplies needed.
  • Friday: Art
  • Step by step instructions included for your art lessons that can be easily modified to use any supplies you have on hand
  • You will also get printables for your tabletop centres
  • 2 literacy centres (search and find tracing set and fingerprint doodles)
  • Math mats to be used with loose parts or popped into dry erase pockets
  • AND 6 extra learning ideas you can use for sensory, outdoor learning and more.
How does the Assessment Buddy work?

You will access a video training on how to use the Assessment Buddy. You can use it as an Excel or a Google Slides™ spreadsheet.

Simply write the content you will be assessing in the left column and your student names on the top row.

Mark the box with an "X" when they demonstrate the criteria and your student summary pages will automatically be created for you!

What happens next?

Pick the payment option that works for your budget and checkout in the secure checkout. An email with all your resources linked in your personal "hub" document will arrive immediately! All that's left to do is teach! Your planning is done and your assessment is tamed.

Your weekends are calling.

The Sunday Scaries are a thing of your past. It's time to start strutting into work on Monday mornings rested, recharged and ready to take control of your week. Save your energy and your patience for where it matters most and embrace done-for-you planning. You've earned it.