Your Kindergarten Writing Program Matters

Your kindergarten writing program is crucial for creating a love of literacy and developing foundational literacy skills in the early years.

But.. on a scale of 10, how challenging do you find it to encourage and motivate your kinders to just grab-that-pencil-and-write?

If it’s any less than a 10, this is for you.

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“But Mariah, they’re still only kindergarteners! Why should I encourage my littles to start so early?” 

Basic literacy is for sure a reason, but looking at the larger picture, writing is an EXCELLENT way for kids to document their learning and get their creative juices flowing. 

That said, it does take a conscious effort from our side as educators and parents to help our children get there. No child is the same as another. Diversifying our teaching methods to cater to different learning styles and incorporating a variety of fun and engaging activities into your sessions would help your kindergarten students develop a love for writing that will last a lifetime!

In this episode of A Playful Podcast, I share my tried, tested, and foolproof methods (and free PDF resources) to help you help YOUR kids to fall in love with writing. From play blocks, puzzles, and small group sessions, to my controversial writing worksheets and workshops, you’ll hear about everything that makes my kindergarten writing program unique (and loved by kids!).

Learn to understand and sufficiently push your children to succeed in their writing journeys today.

Here are a few (of the many) things you’ll learn about writing for kindergarteners:

>> Writing is a huge continuum: You’ll see that there are varying writing proficiency levels from day 1 of your kids’ learning journeys. 

>> Why I never write for my littles: My intention is not to come across as an expert to them but as a facilitator. I want to empower them to continue trying and trusting themselves in the process.

>> Accept that at least a few children would want your undivided attention to learn to write; they would want to know how to do it the right way. Help them in their way. Understand your teaching style and your kids’ learning styles to develop methods that work for both of you.

>> Make your kids feel that it’s their ideas are more important than their spelling proficiency. Help them overcome any insecurity and build interest in the process.

BONUS: Take a 360-degree peek into my kindergarten writing program for kids: Writing tables, play blocks, small group practice and evaluation, puzzles, psyche words teaching, writer’s workshop, writer’s worksheet, and prompt-based writing – yes, I talk about them all today!

PS. Here’s the link to that guide I mentioned: Click here

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