Hey there kinder educator...

Ready to simplify how you support the interests of your littles?

WITHOUT spending hours scrolling socials and planning activities for them?


You spend forever looking for resources on TpT and scrolling instagram

It is HARD to find good ideas in the big sea of content out there- especially ones that are play-based and developmentally appropriate.

Does this sound familiar?

Your kinders show an interest in something but by the time you find resources for them their interest is gone

You struggle to plan out activities to support your inquiries because you don’t have enough prep time

You wish you could just have everything you need in one place to keep yourself organized


Searching. Brainstorming. Scrolling.

All of a sudden the bell rings and I’ve only managed to find and print one resource only to find that my kinders are no longer even that into the topic they showed a massive interest in just two days before.

Another inquiry bites the dust.

I'm here to save you planning time and stress so you can focus on doing what you do best- teaching.


Scouring TpT for resources that make sense for your class

Printed, prepped and ready to go in just a few clicks


Trying to fit math & literacy activities in around their interests

Incorporating their interests into math & literacy activities


Overwhelmed at the thought of inquiry or project learning

Motivated and excited at where the learning will go next



Play-based activities, resources and learning ideas for the themes your kinders know and love in one convenient package. Use them to spark an inquiry, support an emerging interest, to fill your week when you need a planning break,  to easily leave with a supply teacher or to encourage extra learning at home. The possibilities are endless.

"The play packets allow me to quickly print activities that follow interests my children have."

I love the play packets!

I have a really busy class this year and with so many high needs often don’t have time or energy to bring things in for inquiry in the same way (meetings with special education, parents or admin on planning time.) The play packets allow me to quickly print activities that follow interests my children have. It means we are able to explore themes directly related to questions my students have, allowing playful learning to happen in my classroom. The ease of the play packets is a life saver and they are so well done. I also feel this could be handed to someone who has never worked with young children before and they could still quickly implement meaningful learning.

Thanks Mariah for creating this incredible resource!


Kindergarten Teacher, Guelph

12 ready to print themed packets













Play Packet Contents

Each Play Packet is jam packed with learning activities for your littles- and most are A Playful Purpose exclusives that aren't available anywhere else.​

21 pages of printables in each packet!

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bonus resources

Messy Play Magic

Messy play is truly magic and now you can learn the what, why and how of sensory play! Sensory play can be overwhelming but you’ll be a messy play loving sensory enthusiast in no time with this  self-paced course.

(Value = $57) Included inside of Play Packets

Small World, Big Imagination

Learn all about the wonderful world of small world play! How can miniatures create such big learning? This self-paced course shows you how.

(Value = $47) Included inside of Play Packets


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Oh hey! I'm Mariah.

Kindergarten specialist turned curriculum writer passionated about pancakes, ponytails and helping educators prevent burnout by simplifying their planning! A few years ago, I was ready to quit teaching mid year because I was so overwhelmed and stressed. Then, I realized I didn’t need to waste my time reinventing the wheel and prepping for hours on end to be a “good teacher”.

Simplicity is the key.

That’s why I made you these Play Packets. I want you to be able to click, print and go so you can stop stressing about planning and focus on what you love to do- teach!

Are Play Packets right for you?

You are a French or English Kindergarten Educator

You want to save time and energy planning

You need quality resources at your fingertips


Here's why my Play Packets are your secret to success in kindergarten

Kindergarteners have the attention span of kittens. By the time you find, plan and prep activities that follow their interests it feels like they have already moved on to the next thing. Ugh! Another inquiry down the drain. Finding quality resources that they will actually like is time consuming, frustrating and sometimes impossible (especially if you are teaching in French).

Not anymore.

My Play Packets are perfect for your kinder classroom. With themes that I know kinders love (Space? Dinosaurs? Baking? Hello!) and activities that have been tested and used by kindergarten educators across Canada, these packets are sure to reduce your planning time and increase interest-based learning.

Have a question about Play Packets?

Each Play Packet has a French and English writing page with an illustrated word bank, 5 French and 5 English math mats, 3 play mats for colouring, loose parts or play dough, a print and play set with a writing template and 3 additional learning ideas!

Yes! The student work pages all come with the French and English version. The page with three additional learning ideas is written in English.

Almost NONE! You just need to download and print your Play Packets when you notice an interest in the theme. The only activity in the packet that involves prep (other than gathering materials like loose parts) is the print and play but you can easily cut out the pieces in just a few minutes.

There are 12 Play Packet themes: dinosaurs, space, baking, picnic, ocean, jungle, pirates, forest, weather, camping, bugs and farm!

I am no stranger to the 50:50 model and know that working with your teaching partner is so key to preventing burnout! You can absolutely share these Play Packets with your direct teaching team- meaning, they teach the same students as you! You can also share them with the parents of the students in your class if you need at home work.

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$7.75 / PACKET

Three payments of $31 CAD

$5.25 / PACKET

Save with one payment of $63 CAD

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