Quick and easy math talks with kinders

How do you feel about planning for math for your kindergarten class? I’ll level with you: math phobia is REAL and a lot of adults have insecurities when it comes to teaching math to our littles. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Let’s shift our mindset so we can create little learners who love math and are ready to take on all the challenges that come hand in hand with more advanced math concepts over the years by using quick and easy math talks with kinders.

New to math talks?

It can sound a little daunting and hard to plan for, especially if you have a little math anxiety, but they were actually my favourite kind of circle to lead in kindergarten! Quick and easy math talks with kinders are essentially any time you let your littles take the lead after introducing a new concept or idea. You let them think it out, reflect and share their thoughts. I like to record these ideas on a chart paper with some sort of visual symbol to help us remember what we’ve talked about. 

Math talks can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like and the best part is they do not require prep. Sure, you might have to grab a few random items, but really that’s all there is to it. 

Here are some ideas for my favourite and super simple math talks:

πŸ”£ Use the website β€œwhich one doesn’t belong” and pick a picture to show your class. Project it onto the screen as talk about which of the 4 choices is different than the others and why! 

πŸ”£ Put a group of objects (rubber ducks were always my go to- easy to see, easy to grab) in the middle of the carpet and count them out. Have everyone close their eyes and then change the number by removing or adding ducks. Count them out together and model how to write number sentences. 

πŸ”£ Place a group of objects closer and farther apart, then compare different groups of objects with the same quantity. Notice that they are the same even if one group takes up more space. 

πŸ”£ Pick a number and have it be the focus of the day. Practice representing it using symbols, words, fingers, drawings etc. 

Want to hear more about quick and easy math talks for kinders?

 Listen in to this episode of Kindergarten Kept Simple for all the details on how I run my quick and easy math talks for kinders so that you are ready to jump in and try it for yourself!

Love this but want even more detail and even less work for you? You’re in luck! I planned your math talks for you.

Inside my flagship program Kinder Planned βœ”οΈ there are weekly math lessons written out for you AND they come with consolidation student work for your littles to complete after your talk. This is key for making sure everyone learned something, and to help with your assessment. 

Kinder Planned βœ”οΈ includes a different lesson for whole group instruction, in the way of daily workshops, for each day of the month. It’s based on this schedule:

Monday – Writing

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – STEM

Thursday – Gross or Fine Motor

Friday – Art

I’d love to welcome you into the program and take planning for math (and everything else) OFF YOUR PLATE for the rest of the year. Click here to join Kinder Planned βœ”οΈ.

Want to try it out first? I got you! Click here for two weeks of sample plans so you can see for yourself just how amazing this program is first hand.

Ps. You can learn all about using weekly workshops to consistently support students in this episode of Kindergarten Kept Simple

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