Small world play is intuitive, engaging and a childhood favourite.

By joining my course, Small World, Big Imagination you will learn all about the benefits of small world play, the components and different ways to play with these minis, how to create simple yet engaging invitations to play and so much more.

Small world play involves miniature objects, environments and characters (think: dollhouse) but results in big learning! It invites littles to explore the big world around them in a way that is completely under their control- there is no limit to what can happen in their own little world!

This course was created for parents and early years educators and includes 6 easy to digest modules. You’ll be singing, “it’s a small world” from the rooftops in a just a few short hours!

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Why? What? How?

What is small world play? Why should we encourage it? How do we plan inviting and engaging playscapes?

Answer these questions and more with easy to watch videos!

Ideas, Inspo & Info

This course includes helpful videos to explore topics like what components are essential to small world play, encorporating storytelling into play and awesome DIYs!

Pick your pace

Learn at your own pace! This course can be completed in as little as two hours, or you can take your time. You make the rules so choose your own adventure!