The 3 myths about effective guardian communication

Communicating with parents and guardians can be overwhelming and intimidating – especially if you aren’t used to it! There are lots of myths and misconceptions about effective guardian communication and today we are joined by Jasmine from First Grade Frenchies to talk through them and help you feel inspired and courageous in your conversations with the adults in your classroom community. 

Jasmine is an Ontario educator who teaches FSL and prides herself in establishing relationships with the guardians of her class that are sustainable, respectful and strong. She’s here to debunk 3 myths about effective guardian communication. 

>> Myth 1: Guardian communication needs to be constant and highly involved

Oversharing by posting countless photos every single day can create a precedent that is impossible to uphold as the year progresses. Share the fun, stand out activities in your classroom and important updates but don’t feel obligated to share daily updates about every little thing going on.

Remember that YOU are the professional and your choices and lessons are enough without the validation and constant feedback from other adults. 

>> Myth 2: No news is good news

Don’t limit your communication to only moments of crisis or concern. Often our quiet and well-behaved students can get left out of updates to their families because we are so busy focusing on those who pull our attention more actively. A little note home sharing they were working hard and are succeeding at school can go a long way. It means a lot to the student to feel recognized and can really change their whole day! 

This also helps establish relationships that are positive and open so that if something ever does come up that is of concern that the lines of communication are already open and it’s not the first time you’ve ever touched base. 

>> Myth 3: Guardians are constantly criticizing our methods

It’s easy to feel insecure that you aren’t doing enough and that we are under a magnifying glass. Remind yourself that guardians just want to know that their kids are safe at school, that they are learning and that they are being cared for- everything else is just a bonus. 

Of course there are exceptions for this, but for the most part the guardians of your students want to help and are on your team. 

Catch Jasmine at Camp Kinder this summer to learn more about creating thriving relationships with the guardians of your students! Her session will focus on: 

> Feasible ways to establish strong relationships

> Steps on how to achieve strong and open relationships with the adults in your classroom community

> Avoiding conflict and addressing concerns with guardians

> Addressing common FAQs related to guardian relationships

Listen in on this episode of Kindergarten Kept Simple to hear more about the 3 myths about effective guardian communication with Jasmine!

Learn more about Camp Kinder and get on the waitlist for early bird pricing here: campkinder.ca

Connect with Jasmine here: 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/firstgradefrenchies/
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TpT: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/First-Grade-Frenchies-8532

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