Using weekly workshops to consistently support students

Want to learn the one thing that single handedly changed the way I taught kindergarten? It’s all about using weekly workshops to consistently support students. This was a game changing shift for me that stopped my whirlwind weekends of planning and prepping immediately.

Using Weekly Workshops to Consistently Support Students:

WHY: Cyclical planning helps our littles know what to expect and creates strong routines, boundaries and expectations. It also makes our planning SO much easier and is a great way to directly monitor week after week progress (and to stress way less when it comes to your planning when you are away)

HOW: Assign each day of the week to have a particular subject of workshop and develop a routine that you are consistent with every single time. Eventually it will become second nature and your littles will thrive with the feeling of safety and knowing what to expect. Keeping a consistent flow from day to day is key! I recommend: 

  • Circle (whole group introduction)
  • Independent practice

… no matter what subject you are working on that day!

WHAT: Here is the schedule that I found most for using weekly workshops to consistently support students:

  • Monday: Writer’s Workshop
  • Tuesday: Math Workshop
  • Wednesday: STEM Workshop
  • Thursday: Fine or Gross Motor Workshop
  • Friday: Art Workshop

Want to learn more about how I teach my weekly workshops to consistently support students?

Tune into this episode of Kindergarten Kept Simple to hear the details of what each of those workshops looks like!

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