Worksheets in Kindergarten (and why it’s actually okay to use them)

I’m talking about a sensitive subject today,  so buckle up and take a breath. 

I’m bringing up a majorly divisive topic in the early years world: worksheets in kindergarten (and why it’s actually okay to use them).

 And I’m going to just come out and say it. I use them.


The thing is, I would never lie to you, or quite frankly, waste your time by only sharing information about teaching practices and strategies that work in ideal classrooms with amazingly low ratios and naturally inquisitive and focused students.

I don’t know about you, but I have never taught in one of those unicorn classes. 

My classes have always been busy. My classes have always had daily evacuations. My classes have always had a minimum of 27 students. 

And I can’t help but think that your class is likely more like my classes have been than a magical unicorn class. So, while worksheets might be “outdated” and “rote”, the reality is they are a practical teaching tool that have a place and are welcome within reason in my kindergarten classes. I am not suggesting you use 5 worksheets a day and spend your time saying “sit down and write your name” over and over all day.  I am talking about 10 minutes between play and inquiry and outdoor learning once or twice a day that you use worksheets in kindergarten with guided instructions to support learning in your classroom.

It’s okay if you disagree with me, we can still be besties, but here’s a little more about why I learned to embrace worksheets, and why you might want to too. 

Pssst feel free to copy and paste this list to send to your colleagues or admin if they are giving you a hard time about using one or two pages of printed paper a day to maintain a calm classroom and your sanity).

Benefits of using worksheets in kindergarten:

 > Well explained paper and pencil activities create situations where your students can work completely independently 

> It is easy to scaffold paper activities to various levels so you can meet your students where they are and help them grow

> Worksheets give students the opportunity to practice world skills like filling in forms, completing assignments in older grades and reinforce their fine motor skills

> Using fill in the blank style pages boosts student confidence with quick wins 

> They are a great tool for reinforcing new skills and vocabulary and offer a snapshot into learning that guides your next steps

>When everyone is engaged in one activity, you are free to move around and work 1:1 with students – a rare opportunity in kinder

> The truth is, some of our students LOVE worksheets and “playing school” and participating in activities like they see their siblings do or see on TV. Worksheets support a specific type of learning style just like play and gross motor activities support another.

When do we use them in the day?

I like to use worksheets at very specific times of the day. I try to follow the same format daily: 

>> Come in from outdoor learning
>> Quick morning meeting
>> Whole group instruction with explicit modelling of the task
>> Independent work time (yes, worksheets in kindergarten)
>> Move into play

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