The most important thing to remember for your wonder wagon

Have you ever used a wonder wagon in your outdoor learning program? Whether you use an actual wagon, a backpack, a bin or a rolling cart, if you bring supplies outside with you for your outdoor education program then you need to know the most important thing for your wonder wagon.

Kat from Je Me Demande joins us today all the way from Kenora, Ontario as one of the first educators who truly embraced outdoor learning and the use of a wonder wagon. She is telling us her number one tip based on years of experience and the most important thing for your wonder wagon. 

Whether you go out daily or once a week, the use of a wonder wagon is going to make your life so much easier! It’s perfect for last minute inspiration, keeping track of materials and helping students become more independent in their learning. 

Really, Kat’s number one reminder is as simple as the concept itself. The most important thing to remember for your wonder wagon is:

Using a wonder wagon creates ease and simplicity. Don’t overthink it!

By removing hurdles and obstacles to our planning, we are significantly more likely to actually follow through. If carrying out supplies and keeping track of them is frustrating to you, it’s easy to just say “forget it” and bring nothing out at all. 

Kat’s must have staple wonder wagon items: 

> Clip boards

> Writing utensils

> Bug catches

> Magnifying glasses

> Math measurement materials 

Listen in on this episode of Kindergarten Kept Simple to hear more about the most important thing to remember for your wonder wagon with Kat!

Want more support creating an effective and highly engaging wonder wagon? Join Kat at Camp Kinder this summer! Her session is going to be hyper practical and will focus on: 

> Where to source materials for your wonder wagon

> Exactly what to include in your wonder wagon based on the season

> Suggestions on how to get donations for your wonder wagon

> How to use your existing classroom materials outdoors

> How to organize your wonder wagon

Learn more about Camp Kinder and get on the waitlist for early bird pricing here: campkinder.ca

Connect with Kat here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/je_me_demande/
TpT: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Je-Me-Demande 

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